About The Vice Chairman

Pulkit Seth, Vice Chairman of Pearl Global Group, has over 20 years of immense experience in the apparel industry. He oversees the business operations and leads the business strategy and transformation of the group. He is on a mission to help people grow, build community, and strengthen business by generating employment and excellence in every country they operate in.

ESTABLISHED in 1987, Pearl Global is a leading apparel manufacturing company that provides end-to-end supply chain solutions to brands across the globe. They develop apparel for people living in different geographies. The company is transforming the fashion industry by using sustainable solutions to manufacture its clothes. All their fabrics are sourced from some of the best locations worldwide to meet international standards. They combine the scalability of the technology with the adaptability and skills of its people into a perfect amalgamation of efficiency. Their manufacturing process and operational excellence help them deliver bulk production to some of the biggest clients in the fashion industry.

With its corporate head office in India, the company is present in multiple locations such as the US, UK, Spain, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Indonesia. “Setting our offices in different countries has helped us meet both local and global fashion expectations. Our integrated market intelligence provides intel from major fashion markets to help us create the next big trend,” says Pulkit Seth, Vice Chairman of Pearl Group.

Leading by Domain Knowledge

Pearl Global bestows supreme values of sustainability focusing on speed to action coupled with integrity and dedicated to customer-centricity collectively strive for excellence towards its people and community. “Outstanding operations excellence is one of our key strengths. We focus on providing end-to-end supply chain solutions to our partners while keeping the aspects of design, technology, innovation, and quality at the forefront,” he asserts.

The company’s business process is run on SAP which helps them create a certain kind of standardization and transparency in the manufacturing process. Their manufacturing team is composed of industrial engineers, production planning teams, quality assurance, pattern masters, Sewing technicians, and subject matter experts who help deliver bulk production of high-quality products to their clients. They achieve this prowess through technology, innovation, talent, planning, cross-operations, and communication.

“All our machines are highly scalable in terms of performance and delivery. We have a strong leadership team that not only defines but also ensures that they meet clients’ expectations smoothly,” he explains.

The company’s factory workers and engineers are well-trained to handle all equipment and softwares like Magic Box, Ozone, EIM software, and machines like dip dyeing, drying, embroidery and more. In the regular period of intervals, they provide training to upskill and adapt to the latest trends in the market.

“Fashion industry is evolving. To stay ahead in the market, one needs to produce the right product at the right time. In every season, the trends change, so we have built a core team of experts who are responsible for design and innovation. We have a dedicated team of designers at strategic locations who help us to look out for new raw materials, fabrics, silhouettes, styles, and more,” he asserts.

Their teams are constantly working and co-creating with retail partners to make sure that are liked by consumers. They combine design and technology to provide proven results as reliable garment manufacturer globally.

Journey ahead

Currently, they are strengthening their sustainability initiatives like using eco-friendly fabrics with longer life spans, environmental impact measurements, and solar power generation. They are also offering additional services such as LDP and replenishment services to all their customers. “We want to become our client’s preferred partner. For this, we are constantly engaging with our customers and working with them strategically, and offering them additional services in whichever country they want. We believe in developing long-term sustainable businesses with them by developing production capabilities near shore to our major customer base to deliver garments in less time and better price,” he states