Care And Dedication Towards Society

With success comes responsibility. As a business, we take the responsibility of developing the world in every way we can. To contribute to the bright future for the world we live in, a crucial part of our virtue lies in uplifting society through education and awareness.

Read Out Loud Program

Pearl Global Industries Limited has launched Read Out Loud Program on 22nd Oct 2021 in collaboration with Adhyayan Quality Education Foundation (AQEF). The Program aims at tackling the learning loss that children have suffered during the pandemic due to closure of schools since March 2020.

Arpan Education Society

Arpan is a program created and run by Pearl Global Industries to bridge the gap in society through quality education. Under Arpan, the center provides free tuition, acts as a training center, and gives scholarships to children in order to help them grow and develop their skills.

Drug Free India

With drug abuse becoming a growing concern in India, we partnered with the Government of Haryana and The Art Of Living organization to educate youth about this issue through the “Happy and Healthy Campus Program”.

Awareness And Screening Of Cervical Cancer

In association with CAPED India, we help spread awareness and enable screening of cervical cancer among women and girls from low-income families in the Delhi NCR region.

Scholarships Under Mina Seth Foundation

We provide scholarships to underprivileged school children under the Mina Seth Foundation. The aim of the program is to help children build a bright future for themselves. So far more than 200 students have been given scholarships.

Scholarships to Hanoi University of Science & Technology

Scholarships were given to Hanoi University of Science and Technology students who achieved high GPAs but came from low-income families. The goal is to make college more accessible and affordable for prospective students who might otherwise not be able to complete a degree.

In addition, many students were given a chance to do an internship at Pearl Global Vietnam. They have an opportunity to convert the internship into a job based on their performance.

Community Activities

The company and its trade union continuously seek to support and improve the living of all workers, especially those in need. The workers are secured with social security, minimum wage protection, better access to healthcare and workplace safety, unemployment insurance, etc.

This is even more meaningful in situations like the Covid-19 pandemic. Food is delivered by the company to each of the workers’ homes during lockdown to support and give them strength to fight the epidemic together and to quickly return to the ‘new normal’ life.

We also organize events to connect workers with one another through football matches, teambuilding, or lucky draws. Through these events, they can build their relationships of trust, commitment, and loyalty. It is a way to promote networking and skill-building among workers while strengthening the community.