4 Important Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Clothing Vendor for Your Next Project

Fashion is an essential part of the lives of many. But, have you ever wondered who breathes life into your favorite apparel? Well, apparel manufacturers have a major role to play in the same.

At Pearl Global, we develop garments through sustainable means as well as provide supply chain solutions to a plethora of brands across the world. Our robust process management that spans from concept to delivery allows us to cater to the varied needs of our stakeholders.

But is choosing a clothing manufacturer or vendor, such as denim manufacturers or sportswear manufacturers, as easy as it sounds? Well, the short answer is No. Finding a vendor who understands your requirements and has the infrastructure to pull off the massive task of satisfying your customer is tricky. In this blog, we will guide you on how to find vendors for your clothing line.

Wondering how to find clothing vendors?

Here are 4 important things to keep in mind

1. Cost of the Vendor

Starting your fashion line can be nerve-racking. Couple it up with a wholesale vendor whose price ranges are far beyond the budget you have set for your brand, and you have a complete disaster waiting to happen. To avoid endless mishaps, you must conduct market research to obtain quotations from different vendors based on your expectations from them and the amount you are willing to shell out for the said services.

For instance, a supplier may provide you with certain concessions on making larger purchases while some others would charge you relatively higher and in turn, offer you extremely high-quality products.

At Pearl Global, a non-negotiable component of our offerings is providing exceptional products at a reasonable price. We make use of state-of-the-art technologies like 3D CAD rendering, 3D optitex, and Browzwear and design and manufacture high-quality apparel across categories.

2. Aesthetics of the vendor

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer. What do you think they will look at first while making a purchase? The aesthetics of your product, right? Pearl Global brings to the table an unmatched aesthetic sense owing to the strategic placement of apparel designers across our design units in the USA, United Kingdom and Spain, to meet local and global fashion expectations. Our integrated market intelligence and network of talented designers set our design process apart from our competitors.

To identify, if the aesthetics a vendor offers are in line with your expectations, you must figure out what exactly your customer wants. In order to do that, you must keep yourself updated on the various design trends. Since aesthetics are the most obvious element of the design process, you need to make sure that your vendor is capable of delivering something that can amaze your customer!

3. Prior Experience and Dependability

Getting into a long-term partnership with a vendor could appear to be very daunting on the surface. But, it doesn’t have to be. It is one thing for a vendor to assure you of their capabilities, it is another for you to verify their claims before making the final decision.

At Pearl Global, we have an extensive list of clientele who also happen to be some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Since we stand by our mantra of delivering only the best experience to all our stakeholders, we have an exceptional customer retention rate.

Any kind of partnership demands some form of assurance in the form of testimonials and past references. For instance, the brands that we work with find us extremely trustworthy and dependable which is why they place repeat orders.

4. Sustainability

The major downside of fast fashion is that it is depleting natural resources which is further affecting the ecological balance. All over the world, people have made a note of this and are gravitating towards brands that promote and practice sustainable fashion.

We are a sustainable clothing manufacturer, all our clothes are manufactured through sustainable solutions. We employ a co-creation process to design our apparel; the fabrics of which not only meet international standards but are also sourced from some of the best locations.

The world is changing at a steady pace and the only way to remain relevant is to be a part of it wholeheartedly. All of this is to say that, when choosing a vendor, make sure that they have the means to achieve sustainability.

Some of the sustainable initiatives that Pearl Global has undertaken in the past few years are the establishment of an environment and waste management system, installation of solar panels, tree plantation, and reduced usage of plastic amongst other things. In fact, our 2022 vision involves reducing energy and water usage by 7% and 5% respectively.

Your journey to find the perfect vendor for your clothing line does not have to be very long. A strategic approach is all you need to find your best fit!

Pearl Global is one of the few companies to be listed on the Indian Stock Exchange and it aspires to revolutionize the fashion industry by continuing to adopt sustainability and giving way to a circular economy.

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