We value the adroit and astute commitment and contribution of people associated with us, which accelerates our eagerness to address the short term and long-term development needs of the geographical locations where we operates.

Our care for the society reflected from our project and programs in various segments of the development issues. Apart from that, we create a very large number of employment opportunity to the people, by assuring safe and secure working condition, where there is a great opportunity to prosper along with our growth. We strive to achieve greater impacts, outcomes and outputs of our sustainability programs and policies by prudent investment and application of financial and human resources.

The following are the core social care activities promoted through our business,

·        Women empowerment through employment

·        Maternal health and child care

·        General health and hygiene

·        Promotion of gender equality

·        Promotion of literacy, giving special focus on financial literacy

·        Upholding unity and integrity

·        Eradication of poverty and hunger

·        Creating awareness on various social issues