Our business focus is on the development of an innovative and high-quality product, we understand the integral role our employee performance in achieving our business goals. The design, engineering, quality assurance and marketing of our products are essential components, employee performance in these areas is critical to the success of our business.

Our employee care actions are categorized into the; health & hygiene, safety & security, equal wage for equal work and so on. We value the service of our employees as treasure; therefore, we value the investment for their health, safety, security and other development concerns. A major part of our employee care reflected in the policy of ‘Equal Wages for Equal Work’, by which we uphold the dignity of the workers.

Apart from the above-mentioned policies, our hands extended to the following core section of programs for employee welfare

  •     Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) training for the employees, at work place
  •     Gender equality promotion workshops
  •      HERfinance and HERhealth project, for women employee empowerment, both social and economic.
  •      Full-fledged health check-up camps for employees
  •      Periodic workshops and sessions on safety at the working units
  •      Awareness creation on Cancer, HIV/AIDS and other major diseases