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Manufacturing Excellence

We are Apparel Manufacturers to Leading and Discerning Global Brands.

Manufacturing Excellence

We are located at all the strategic locations in the world with Man & Machines, including India (North and South), Bangladesh and Indonesia. And we are expanding more frequently than ever.

  • Pearl Global Industries Limited, Gurgaon
  • Pearl Global Industries Limited, Chennai
  • Pearl Global Industries Limited, Bangalore
  • Norp Knit 1, Dhaka
  • Norp Knit 2, Dhaka
  • PT Pinnacle

How do we deliver on our Promise of Excellence?

  • Through a flexible, wide-range and cost-effective apparel sourcing solutions.
  • By Ensuring that Suppliers’ risk diversification and access to different skill-sets for customers through the multi-location presence.
  • Culturally attuned with the labour workforce and operating conditions.
  • Capability to offer comprehensive apparel portfolio with diverse design and fashion requirements.